Paul Zierep

Dr. Paul F Zierep

Paul F Zierep

Tel.: +49-(0)761-203-4872

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Paul Zierep completed his bachelor's degree in chemistry as part of the binational French-German "Regio Chimica" programme at the Universities of Mulhouse and Freiburg. He continued his studies in the M. Sc. Biochemistry and Biophysics programme.

The focus of his doctoral studies is the prediction of gene cluster metabolites based on computational approaches. His competencies include comprehensive programming, especially in the fields of databases (PostGreSQL, psycopg2), web design (HTML, CSS, Java, Django), molecular structures (rdkit), plotting (matplotlib) and basic bioinformatic tools such as biopython, HMMER and ete3.

Recently he published a web-server for PKS type I modular structure prediction: "SeMPI: a genome-based secondary metabolite prediction and identification web server." in Nucleic Acids Research.

His future orientation will also include statistical computing, in particular focused on the software environment R.